PassTime Partner, AFS Dealers, outlined in a free webinar the steps that BHPH / LHPH (buy here pay here / lease here pay here) Dealers can take among this rapidly changing environment regarding their operations in the subprime auto finance market.

Some key points from the webinar include:


Dealers who are open should look at "virtual contact" and bolster their online presence. Evaluate and update:

  • Website
  • Vehicle Images - makes sure you have plenty and high quality
  • Good vehicle descriptions
  • Implement online/phone applications and verification processes

Test Drives

  • If still able to offer test drives, make sure to thoroughly disinfect the vehicle prior to test drive by wiping down all surfaces while the customer is there, able to watch.
  • Implement test drives "By Appointment Only"


  • With the millions of job losses nationwide, consumers may have a difficult time with payments.  Make contact and communication a priority!
    • Gather information from your customers to see if they are still employed, or need to work out a new payment program that works for them.
    • Make payments easy! - for those who are able to continue working and making payments, include phone and online payment options.

For a "contact-less" test drive option, check out Encore, the self-powered GPS device with no installation required.

The full presentation from AFS Dealers can be found at BHPH Buzz, a free online forum.