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Fleet GPS Solutions Proven to Save Time & Money for Any Size Fleet

PassTime Fleet GPS Finance and Telematics brings decades of expertise to the fleet management space to provide customers with industry best technology and solutions to save you time, money and a quick ROI on making your fleet as efficient as possible PassTime Fleet GPS products and systems offer fleet transportation companies:

  • Fleet GPS location services.
  • Utilizes cellular when in coverage, optional Iridium Satellite Modem for emergency notifications such as panic button, crash, unscheduled stop, etc. when out of cellular coverage.
  • Integrated solution with tablets for driver logs as well as hours of service mandated for US bound cargo.
  • Advanced diagnostics available for all classes of commercial vehicles. Includes OBD2 as well as J-1709.
  • Advanced driver behavior score card and crash detection capability.
  • International mapping via Microsoft Bing & Google plus Garmin dispatch capability.


Take Control of your Fleet

Get the strongest return on your investment with easy to use fleet management solutions uniquely designed to grow your business. With PassTime Fleet Telematics you enable Business Intelligence,

  • Specific towards your type of fleet and operation
  • Standard reports and graphical dashboards
  • Microsoft Excel based reporting and pivot tables

PassTime Fleet Telematics offers the most comprehensive coverage for vehicle diagnostics across light-duty to heavy-duty vehicles

  • Modifying driver behavior
  • Maximizing utilization of your fleet and mobile equipment assets.


PassTime GPS Fleet Finance and Telematics provide comprehensive services to ensure your implementation and on-going use of the system are a success.

With over 2 decades of GPS Technology knowledge, software and hardware engineering, PassTime is your ideal partner for Fleet Management, regardless of size of your organization. We can install and support you throughout North America, and are committed to ensure that you can use our SaaS solutions 24*7 and year-round. Our staff are highly experienced and since we provide software not only for Fleet GPS Management but systems critical to large financial institutions, our support and implementation practices are second to none. Some of the areas we want to highlight, as we feel they set us apart from our competitors:

  • Hardware selection – Based on your business needs, we will help you pick the right configuration and services, regardless if it’s a simple case of track and trace functionality, or the most complex, always in coverage cell/satellite lone worker solution.
  • System implementation – Tracker box hardware we provide comes pre-configured as much as possible – right down to wiring harnesses and connectors saving time and money during initial installations. The installer networks we use are the best in the business, ensuring a quality service and installs that can handle the rigor of many years of on the road use.
  • Training – Our staff have been dealing with users in the automotive business for many years, they are patient and knowledgeable not just about the software, but aim at understanding your business and helping you make the most of the implementation. Training is provided via Webinars or can be on-site your premises.
  • Support – We provide 24/7 support, as many of our fleet customers have the wheels turning at all hours of the day.
  • Integration – The PassTime Fleet GPS Telematics solutions customized reporting and integration capabilities are second to none. Please browse the SDK tab for more information and links.
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    Want to see the product in action? Our hardware and software solutions help ensure you get the strongest return on your investment and the easy to use fleet management solutions have been uniquely designed to help grow your business. Find out more with a free, online demo.

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