InTouch For Franchise Dealers

InTouch for Franchise Dealers

InTouch is a GPS inventory management system allowing dealers to monitor the location and battery voltage of all vehicles on the lot — including test drives and loaner vehicles. InTouch can also be a profit center, offering dealers the ability to re-sell the device to a consumer as a connected car and theft recovery solution. Finally, InTouch can be used to help increase dealership service retention.

For Franchise Dealers

InTouch brings dealers a way to manage and protect their lot inventory with powerful GPS tools. It can bring a boost to the F&I department as another source of revenue and has tools to help increase service retention.

For Consumers

InTouch is a GPS theft recovery and vehicle monitoring solution for consumers. Using the InTouch mobile app or computer, consumers can locate their vehicles, set virtual boundaries, monitor vehicle battery voltage and speed. Customizable alerts keep customers up to date on their vehicles and teen drivers.


Dealer Benefits:

  • Easily locate any parked vehicle on the lot
  • Monitor vehicles on test drives
  • Easy two-wire installation
  • Patented geo-fence technology for on/off lot reporting
  • Low battery voltage notifications
  • Easy resale process for additional profit
  • Connect to consumers when vehicles need maintenance

Consumer Benefits:

  • Pin-Point GPS location for vehicle monitoring and theft recovery
  • Virtual Boundaries for security and teen drivers
  • Real-Time Alerts to keep consumers informed
  • Low battery voltage Alert
  • Speed Alerts
  • Valet Settings

3 Ways For ROI

  • Easily locate any parked vehicle on the lot
  • Monitor vehicles on test drives
  • Geo-fence technology for on/off reporting
  • Low battery notifications

  • Easy resell process for additional profit center
  • Easily transfer device to the purchasing consumer
  • InTouch consumer app for Apple and Android

  • Increase service retention & revenue
  • Customizable mileage thresholds
  • Connect with consumers for timely service offers

Mobile Apps

Powerful mobile apps make implementing and management InTouch even easier. Mobile Installer App makes installing new devices painless. Lot Tracker helps you keep track of your lot inventory and managment your vehicles. The InTouch App allows consumers to manage their InTouch equipped vehicles once you’ve sold it to them through F&I.

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