PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Megasys Adds Encore to Omega Servicing Loan Management System Integration

May 24, 2023

PassTime is proud to announce that its battery-powered GPS tracking solution, Encore, has been integrated with Megasys’ Omega software.  PassTime’s integration with Megasys gives customers within the industry the ability to track, monitor, and protect their assets directly within the Omega Servicing Loan Management System, and that now includes Encore.

About Megasys

For the past 40 years, Megasys has been the leader in complete loan servicing systems for the consumer finance industry. They specialize in customizable computer software to streamline the loan life cycle. Their industry solutions are designed for many business types such as Auto Finance, Solar Financing, Consumer Finance, Student Lending, Indirect Lending and Debt Collection.

Their software, Omega, handles every aspect of the loan life cycle, from booking to close-out. Their system handles everything from loan originations, loan servicing, collections, reporting, and document storage. With their system you can track payment details, collection notes, insurance policies, recoveries and more, all in one intuitive screen. Omega’s features include integrated GL and AP systems, task manager workflow, robust reporting, and secure document storage.

Additional Omega Features:

  • Built-in collection activity reports allow you to track collector performance.
  • Charge off, leave, and waive fees, including dealer discounts, reserve and withholds amounts.
  • Report filter capability includes advanced options to include or exclude criteria.
  • Track aging, collector aging, delinquency, and much more!
  • Comprehensive setup of multiple insurance products and rate tables to track policies that are sold through the finance company.

With Encore integrated into  Omega software, customers will have maximum efficiency and control when it comes to tracking their assets with Encore.

Features of Encore

PassTime’s first completely wireless, self-powered solution introduces extensive benefits to industries that haven’t been able to monitor their assets or inventory this closely ever before. Encore includes the following GPS features:

  • No Installation Required
  • Pin-Point Location
  • Battery-Powered with up to 4+ Years Life
  • Beyond GPS
  • 4G/5G Compatible Network
  • Multiple Power Modes
  • Simple Activation Process
  • Lightweight Compact Design

Experience the revolutionary, battery-powered GPS asset tracking solution with Megasys’ intuitive servicing loan management system, Omega.

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