PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

PassTime Announces Elite 6 – Next Generation GPS Device

October 8, 2018


LITTLETON, Colorado—October 9, 2018—PassTime®, a leading provider of GPS Solutions announced today the ELITE® 6 device, the next generation of its award-winning Elite line of GPS devices. The company provides quality GPS tracking solutions to new and used car dealers, finance companies, fleet and powersports dealers.

PassTime’s Elite 6 offers the most versatile and advanced installation capabilities of any product in its history.  With a unique, installer-configurable starter-interrupt setup option, installers can now easily integrate Elite 6 into a much broader selection of vehicles than ever before. The highly flexible setup configurations also allow Elite 6 to more easily address the challenges posed by newer ignition technologies found in push-button start vehicles as well as many advanced stop/start engine systems.

“As automotive technology continues to advance, GPS solutions need to be flexible in the way they can be installed in a vehicle.  Over the last several years, the automotive industry has seen vehicle ignition systems evolve far more rapidly than ever before.  Quite frankly, any GPS provider that isn’t innovating in this area is falling behind,” said Todd Goodnight, PassTime’s Executive Vice President of Product Management.

Elite 6 also features LTE communications for superior network longevity as well as a discrete, precision GPS system for enhanced location pinpointing.  In addition to the advancements in installation flexibility, Elite 6 also boasts a 20% size reduction making installation easier than ever before. Further, Elite 6 contains advanced self-override features which give consumers multiple options, including a mobile app, to utilize disable override commands.

Elite 6 will begin shipping to PassTime customers in early November.

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