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Installation Services:

SURE-PASS: PassTime’s Full-Service Installation Service


Get a reliable device, get a reliable installation.

PassTime offers full service, nationwide GPS and starter interrupt device installations with our SURE-PASS Service. With certified, trained installers, customers know their installation is being done correctly.

  • Installation at customers convenience within 24-72 hours.
  • Complete vehicle inspections with VIN & odometer verification.
  • Certified install with 1 year warranty.
  • PassTime certified installers by state.
  • Updated contact information to arrange installation.
  • Installation center and mobile install services available.

Dealer Installation: Mobile Installer App

  • Active GPS via Apple & Android phones or tablets.
  • Scan device to auto populate serial number.
  • Scan VIN to auto populate vehicle information.
  • Built in VIN-Decoder.

Additional PassTime Services

PassTime offers a variety of additional services designed specifically to support you and your device management. Using these PassTime services in addition to your PassTime devices will provide you the ultimate PassTime solution.

IVR Service: The PassTime IVR Service is an automated service that will allow your customers access to their new payment codes via a dedicated, toll-free telephone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bulk Import: With the PassTime Bulk Import Service, you will never have to generate commands one-by-one again. The Bulk Import Services from PassTime does all the work for you.

24-Hour Tracking: Create a location history by setting 24-Hour Tracking to automatically log the location of a vehicle every three hours.

Ignition Notification: Create a trip report using Ignition Notification features. Activate ignition notification to automatically be alerted each time the vehicle is turned on, turned off, or both. The time, date and current location of each instance is also recorded and sent to you.