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TRAX 6 GPS Tracking Solution


PassTime Trax Logo PassTime TRAX is an easy to use, simple GPS tracking device which is perfect for Buy Here Pay Here Dealers, auto finance companies, and other applications. This low cost solution provides the ability for customers to connect their vehicles and protect their assets – giving them the information they need to make informed business decisions. For BHPH dealers and auto finance companies, TRAX can help mitigate the risk of financing consumers with sub-prime credit and help keep assets secure. If a repossession is needed, TRAX GPS tools can make it easier and faster to find the vehicle. The product can be installed by the dealer or through our national installation service.

PassTime TRAX Functionality

  • Cutting Edge LTE Cat M Technology.
  • Pin-Point GPS tracking.
  • Ultra- Low Power Consumption
  • Verizon LTE Network (US)
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional vehicle disable feature available.
  • Auto Locates every 73 Hours.
  • Nationwide coverage with detailed mapping.
  • On-demand locates 24/7/365.
  • Low battery voltage notifications.
  • Up to (6) geo-fences available.
  • Stolen vehicle recovery using GPS.
  • Customizable speed alerts (MPH).
  • InTouch
  • Elite
  • Select GPS
  • TRAX
  • Fleet GPS