PassTime is excited to attend the Public Works Expo (PWX) in San Diego, CA. Join use to learn how our GPS solutions can help protect against theft, improve efficiency and monitor your location for powered and non-powered equipment assets! At about the size of a deck of cards, PassTime's Encore GPS can be used to track just about anything. No wires, no installation required, just a simple to use GPS solution. 

Event: PWX

Date: August 27-30
Location: San Diego, CA
Venue: San Diego Convention

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About PWX

When it comes to public works, one size definitely does not fit all, so defining the term becomes problematic. Even APWA members have trouble arriving at a common definition. Because of the multi-faceted, ever-evolving nature of public works, we may never arrive at a final definition but, for now, the following definition seems appropriate: Public works is the combination of physical assets, management practices, policies, and personnel necessary for government to provide and sustain structures and services essential to the welfare and acceptable quality of life for its citizens.

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