PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking Devices for Medical Equipment

Misplaced, lost or stolen medical equipment can cost thousands or even millions of dollars to replace.
Secure and monitor your healthcare or medical assets with feature-rich medical equipment tracking devices. Deter theft, manage inventory, and locate missing equipment and supplies quickly and efficiently. Improve overall efficiency with PassTime GPS tracking devices for medical equipment. Hospitals, medical facilities, manufacturers or leasing companies all need to know where their expensive medical equipment is. Keep track of what equipment you have and know exactly where it is to help reduce costs from lost, stolen, or damaged inventory.

Medical Equipment Tracking System
for Healthcare Facilities

With GPS tracking, hospitals can lower costs and boost operational efficiency by monitoring the movement and utilization of medical equipment, supplies, and instruments.

  • Locate and recover equipment in minutes
  • Secure expensive equipment
  • Prevent theft of high-value equipment
  • Save time and improve productivity

GPS Tracking Devices for Medical Equipment

Always know where your mobile medical equipment, including monitors and instruments, is with PassTime’s medical equipment tracking devices. Our smart GPS technology is equipped with enhanced intelligence and recovery features that help hospitals and other healthcare facilities protect against theft, maximize resources, ensure full utilization, and reduce unnecessary rentals or replacement costs.

Monitor your Equipment with Encore: Self-Powered, Portable GPS Tracking

  • Wireless equipment tracking
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Small and portable device can be placed on just about anything
  • Multiple power modes deliver flexibility in function
  • Advanced lithium metal battery for up to 4 years of life
  • Simple activation process

Why Trust PassTime to Protect Your Healthcare Equipment?

Based in Littleton, Colorado, PassTime GPS is committed to providing consumers, automotive businesses, and medical facilities with award-winning GPS tracking solutions, including a top-of-the-line, portable, self-contained GPS that can be applied to equipment and tools that don’t house their own power source. We have acquired countless technology patents, and a global customer base of over 10,000 businesses.

Our cutting-edge GPS tracking devices help improve communication, routing, inventory management, and total efficiency. As a pioneer in the automotive IoT field, we’ve perfected the art of asset tracking and evolved our solutions to help those outside of the automotive industry reap the benefits. Contact PassTime today to learn how we can help you protect your assets with GPS tracking technology designed for your medical equipment.

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