PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

GPS Solutions for Franchise & Independent Car Dealers.

Streamline Lot Management, Boost F&I Profits, Build Customer Loyalty.
PassTime’s InTouch is a GPS-powered connected car and theft recovery solution that allows franchise and independent dealers to stay connected to their vehicles, their profits, and their customers.

Win Win. Use InTouch on the lot to manage your inventory, then resell it through F&I to your customers.

InTouch’s GPS technology enables car dealers to preload inventory to monitor test drives and loaner vehicles, keep track of low batteries with email & text alerts, and protect against theft. InTouch can then be re-sold through F&I to the vehicle buyer as a connected car and theft recovery system, increasing profit. Stay connected to consumers with InTouch’s Mileage Tracking feature to increase service retention and revenue for dealers.

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Connected Car and Theft Recovery Solutions Designed for Dealerships

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  • GPS-powered lot management
  • Theft recovery for dealers & vehicle buyers
  • Monitor loaner & service vehicles as well as test drives
  • Text & email alerts for low batteries, boundary violations and speed
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3 Ways for ROI

Lot and Vehicle Management

Track any vehicle’s location, on- or off-lot

GPS geofencing with automated alerts

Low battery notifications

InTouch Device Re-Sale

Resell to customers for additional profits

Fast and easy device installation and transfer

Smartphone app for Apple and Android users

Service Retention

Stay connected to customers post-sale

Send maintenance alerts, recall notifications, and timely offers

Create customer loyalty and retention revenue

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InTouch Mobile App

Both dealers and consumers use InTouch mobile app to access their connected car and theft recovery features from their mobile devices. The app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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