PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
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TRAX is simple, easy to use GPS tracking with optional starter-interrupt. Keep track of your assets, implement faster repossessions, and analyze better vehicle intelligence to help you grow your business.
PassTime TRAX offers a streamlined approach to vehicle connectivity by integrating high-level vehicle intelligence with simple installation and a cost-effective price tag. This GPS solution allows you to connect with your vehicles and protect your assets - giving you the information you need to make informed business decisions.

TRAX is Designed For:

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Protect financed assets with a reliable GPS tracker. TRAX GPS device helps BHPH dealers in the subprime automotive market minimize delinquencies, improve cash flow and expedite vehicle recovery.
  • Simple, easy installation
  • On-demand vehicle location 
  • Patented, proactive payment technology
  • Lower recovery time and costs

Auto Finance Companies & Credit Unions

TRAX GPS provides auto finance companies and credit unions with valuable insights that can help reduce collection costs and optimize portfolio performance.
  • Efficiently track and communicate with customers
  • Finance more borrowers
  • Decrease delinquencies and repossessions
  • Protect your vehicles and profits

TRAX GPS Solution Features

Affordable vehicle tracking solution that’s strategically designed to mitigate the risk of financing, help keep assets secure, and make repossession simple.
Cutting-Edge 4G LTE/5G Compatible Technology

Equipped with advanced broadband connectivity to enable real-time updates and faster vehicle recovery.
Vehicle Recovery

With GPS-based technology, authorities and car dealers can easily locate and recover stolen vehicles and other assets.
Pinpoint GPS

Keep an eye on your vehicles and manage risk with precise GPS tracking.

The TRAX tracking device is quick and easy to implement, helping you save time and resources.

TRAX Options:

Trax Includes:

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking – Quickly locate your vehicle from anywhere and at anytime
  • Unlimited Locates – Keep tabs on your assets with thorough and precise accuracy and no limits to the number of times you ping your TRAX device.
  • Flexible Installation Options - 2-wire hard-wire or OBDII harness installation configurations available.
  • Automated 49-hour tracking – Every 49 hours, TRAX automatically provides the current location of the vehicle or asset and a detailed location history of that GPS device.
  • Low battery notification – Don’t miss anything with automated alerts via phone or email when power is running low.
  • Multiple GeoFencing – Create and monitor up to 50 geofence boundaries at one time.

TRAX SI (with Starter- Interrupt) includes:

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking – With a TRAX tracking device, swiftly identify the exact location of your vehicle at any given time.
  • Unlimited Locates – Simplify and expedite asset recovery with unlimited hits to locate your TRAX GPS.
  • Starter-Interrupt Harness – Vehicle disable available if communication breaks down and your customer is delinquent.
  • Automated 49-hour tracking – Get detailed reports of the current location and previous history on an automated schedule.
  • Low battery notification – Never lose track with automated low battery alerts sent to phone or email.
  • Multiple GeoFencing – Establish and track up to 50 geofence boundaries simultaneously.

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