PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
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Encore Wireless GPS Device

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Encore 4 is Here!

Our fourth generation Encore device has launched. In addition to all of Encore's great features, Encore 4 has impressive upgrades and enhancements to make it the best version ever!

What's New with
Encore 4:

• Up to 5-Years Battery Life!
• Faster Speed
•I ncreased Cellular Reception
• GPS Upgrades
• Streamlined Enclosure
• Enhanced Battery Performance
PassTime’s first completely wireless, self-powered solution introduces extensive benefits to industries that haven’t been able to monitor their assets or inventory this closely ever before. Encore’s suite of wireless GPS solutions work for BHPH dealers, auto finance companies and credit unions, franchise and powersport dealers, trailer and RV dealers, as well as a number of different industries, including healthcare, construction, and shipping.

Battery Powered GPS Solution Features

No Installation Required

No wires to cut, no power drain, and no installers to pay. Attach the wireless GPS device in a safe place on the asset, and you’re good to go.
Pin-Point Location

Encore provides pin-point GPS location with the click of a button. Stay connected to your asset and know the precise location.
Battery-Powered with Up to 5-Years Life

Advanced lithium battery technology provides long-lasting life in a small form factor with no need to recharge – ever!
Beyond GPS™

When assets go “undercover” in places traditional GPS can’t reach, Encore features dual location technologies (GPS & cellular location technology) to provide you location information, even when GPS cannot.
4G/5G Compatible Network

Encore utilizes advanced 4G LTE cellular technology that is 5G network compatible which can maximize network longevity!
Multiple Power Modes

Choose from four power modes designed to maximize battery life with the features important to you.
Simple Activation Process

Activate the device when you’re ready to use it with an easy-to-use, Encore activation process. Flip the switch, cover with the cap, and you’ll be ready to go.
Lightweight, Compact Design

At about the size of a deck of cards, this wireless GPS device is small enough to be used on all sorts of assets and placed in many locations.

Experience the revolutionary, battery-powered GPS asset tracking solution.

Encore Features

  • Self-Powered: Encore is completely self-powered without the need for ancillary power from a vehicle, external battery, or charger.
  • Wireless: Wireless, as in No Wires. Encore is completely self-contained without installation or communication wires needed.
  • No Installation Required: Put Encore in the glove box, console or in a discrete location within the vehicle without any vehicle installation required.
  • Geofences: Create a virtual boundary and keep track of when an Encore-equipped asset enters or leaves the boundary.
  • Portable: Small, lightweight and with no installation required, Encore is our most portable device ever.
  • Simple Activation Process: Activate the device when you’re ready to use it with an easy-to-use, Encore activation process. Flip the switch, cover with the cap, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Flexible Power Modes: Multiple Power Modes offer flexibility for you to get the functionality and battery life that fits your needs.
  • Advanced Lithium Metal Battery Technology: Encore includes some of the most advanced battery technology available on the market to give you the small form factor you want with battery life you need.

Optimized Power Profile

Encore comes optimized with a power management profile to help you get the most of out of your device by using a pre-selected mix of Power Modes. With up to 5 years* battery life, Encore will initially locate more often to build a baseline, then automatically transition to automated, daily reporting.

Ultra Compact Design

3.5in × 2in × 0.5in

Ultra Lightweight

Less than 2oz

Flexible Power Modes

Encore offers different Power Modes for ultimate flexibility in selecting the features important to you along with the impact to the device’s battery. Want the longest lasting battery life? Pick Endurance Mode. Want more frequent location information? Pick Active Mode. With the ability to easily switch between modes when you need to, Encore gives you the flexibility you need.

Endurance Mode

Auto-Locates 2X per day. Fully automatic & low maintenance.

Trip Mode

Advanced accelerometer reports data at the beginning and end of each of the asset’s trips.

Active Mode

Full functionality while the asset is moving and locates when the asset stops. Always know where your vehicle is.

Recovery Mode

Full-power mode for vehicle recovery. Operates until battery is depleted or mode is switched.

Encore is Designed For:

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Our wireless GPS devices deliver real-time analytics that can help minimize risks, improve collection efficiency, and finance more subprime buyers confidently.
  • No installation required
  • On-demand, wireless vehicle tracking
  • No need for external battery or charger

Auto Finance Companies & Credit Unions

Expand your loan portfolio, safeguard your assets, and minimize repossession through a battery-powered GPS designed for your needs.
  • Install device discreetly with zero installation
  • Finance more borrowers with confidence
  • Decrease delinquencies and repossessions

Franchise Dealers

Increase PVR, grow your customer base, protect against theft and manage your inventory across all locations with GPS tracking.
  • Quickly relocate device between vehicles
  • Multiple power modes offer flexibility in function
  • Instant device resale for additional profits

Powersport Owners and Dealers

Protect your ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and jetskis using an advanced GPS solution that’s compact, weather-resistant, and won’t drain your batteries.
  • Small size perfect for smaller powersport vehicles
  • Up to five years battery life
  • Safeguard any number of assets against inclimate weather and theft


Wireless GPS devices provide the capability and flexibility to monitor your healthcare equipment and tools to improve operational efficiency and prevent theft, keeping your overhead costs down by reducing emergency replacement fees and downtime due to missing or misplaced equipment.

Trailers & RVs

Utilize PassTime’s GPS tracking to gain complete visibility over your RVs and trailers. With our battery-powered GPS, you can effectively keep tabs on your equipment to prevent theft.

Shipping & Cargo

Minimize losses and protect goods in transit with PassTime’s GPS freight tracking. Designed to be put on just about anything, our smart GPS technologies are durable, weather-resistant, and able to withstand almost any condition.

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