Advanced Asset Tracking Solutions

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Let’s ramp up your business intelligence with GPS solutions for auto, trucking, construction, motorsports, healthcare, and more. By connecting your assets with smart telematics, PassTime’s GPS solutions help you make faster, safer, and smarter business decisions.

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I highly recommend PassTime to anybody! After many years of different GPS companies, I finally feel as if I’ve found a company that takes care of the customer, not just our money. - Allison A., MS

Switching to PassTime is an easy choice to make when you experience their level of customer service. They have proven themselves to be a huge asset to us, time and time again. - Sidanie F., ON

In an industry where many of the features of the devices and systems available are similar, PassTime service and the reliability of the organization makes a difference. - Jeremy F., FL

PassTime has excellent reporting so we can identify accounts out for repo which have broken out of a geofence and quickly identify devices that may have been tampered with. - George B., IL

We have been using PassTime GPS devices since May 2017, they have been great devices and by using these devices over our previous vendor has saved us big. - George B., IL

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Buy Here Pay Here Dealers and Lenders

Our customized automotive GPS tracking systems help you keep an eye on your assets, reduce your collection costs, lower your risk of financing, and increase your cash flow.

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Auto Finance Companies and Credit Unions

As a trusted car GPS company, we help clients discover the best opportunities for growth. Our advanced, data-driven GPS solutions for Auto Finance Companies (FinCo) and Credit Unions are specially designed to improve portfolio performance, increase ROI, and help you make informed business decisions within today’s evolving credit climate.

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Franchise Car Dealers

Unlike those provided by some GPS companies, our smart GPS inventory management and theft recovery system was built with franchise dealers in mind, giving you the ability to manage, monitor and protect every vehicle on your lot.

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Powersports Dealers and Finance

Our ultra-durable PassTime GPS devices are tough enough to withstand harsh conditions and optimized for energy efficiency. Protect your financed assets and connect your powersports for efficient lot management and theft recovery.

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Vehicle Fleets

Your fleet is your business, so we offer GPS telematics that go the extra mile. Regardless of your fleet size or industry, our customized solutions promise streamlined efficiency, higher ROI and complete support.

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Our GPS connected car solution solution provides theft recovery and vehicle monitoring, allowing consumers to locate their vehicles, set virtual boundaries, and monitor vehicle battery, voltage, and speed.

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Improve the efficiency of your hospital or healthcare practice with advanced asset and GPS tracking systems that help you monitor equipment movement, evaluate usage trends, and reduce costs from lost or stolen inventory. Our equipment management solutions keep eyes on your supplies and high-value equipment whether they are in storage or in-transit.

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Trailers and RVs

When you’re not regularly interacting with or monitoring specific assets, it becomes that much more important to have a solution in place to be your eyes and ears. Our battery-powered GPS solutions enable you to monitor equipment that doesn’t have its own power source to prevent theft. When you leverage our GPS tracking systems, you can keep everything from flatbed trailers to truck campers protected, even when you’re not onsite with your property. We even have solutions to support your motorhomes and class-B RVs through the power generated in the battery and engine.

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Cargo Shipping

Managing and monitoring inventory through the shipping process is a challenge. Our battery-powered asset tracking system lets you know what cargo is where - whether it is on the move or in a warehouse. What started as a simple GPS company, now has a full suite of hardware and support solutions that can be used on crates, shipping containers, trailers, and more, keeping you apprised of the location of your valuables at any and all times.

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Improve operational efficiency and asset security with PassTime GPS tracking solutions for construction and heavy equipment. Our asset monitoring and management systems are designed to promote safe driving behavior, improve visibility across multiple job sites, and monitor utilization for better payroll and billing.

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