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PassTime offers a full suite of GPS tracking solutions – each tailored to meet the needs of multiple automotive market segments whether they are function or cost driven:

  • InTouch: Helping franchise auto dealers increase profits and retain customers.
  • Elite: Helping dealers and lenders with our proprietary ACT system and GPS functionality.
  • Select GPS: Helping lenders and BHPH dealers with our flexible, cost effective system.
  • TRAX: Helping lenders, finance companies and BHPH dealers with low cost GPS Solutions.
  • Fleet GPS: Helping fleet owners and managers maintain control of their vehicle and drivers.

PassTime GPS Tracking Solutions | Market and Functionality

Lot Management | F&I

InTouch Logo

  • F&I tool for increase profits with each new car sold.
  • Service retention feature designed to maintain customer relationship after sale for maintenance.
  • Low-battery voltage notifications.
  • Nationwide coverage on the Verizon Network.
  • Customized smartphone apps for Apple & Android.
  • Stolen vehicle recovery using GPS.
  • Valet feature.

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Wireless Self-powered GPS Tracking


  • Wireless (no wires) GPS Tracking Device.
  • No Installation Required – place just about anywehere!
  • Self-powered with Lithium Metal Battery Technology.
  • Flexible Power Modes for up to years of battery life.

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GPS Tracking


  • Pin point GPS location service.
  • Patented Technology including up to six (6) simultaneous geo-fences.
  • Automated reporting feature.
  • Simple 2 wire installation.

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GPS Tracking with Starter-Interrupt

Select GPS

  • Pin point GPS location service.
  • Remote vehicle disable option.
  • Tow-detect notification.
  • Device tamper notification.
  • Up to Six (6) simultaneous geo-fences.

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GPS + Automated Collection Technology


  • Reduces delinquencies by up to 95% or more.
  • Fully adjustable programmable payment cycles.
  • Automated payment reminders.
  • Pin point GPS location service.
  • Remote vehicle disable option.
  • Tow-detect notification.
  • Device tamper notification.
  • Anti-theft functionality.
  • IVS (Installation Verification Service)

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GPS Powered Fleet Management

Fleet GPS

  • Easy plug-and-play installation with an OBD2 port.
  • Advanced analytics for driver behavior, vehicle diagnostics, fuel savings
  • International mapping via Microsoft Bing and Google.
  • Currently available in 3G & LTE.
  • Route planning and tracking.

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How Our GPS Technology Works


PassTime Platform

PassTime Data Center Security

PassTime’s private cloud is located in a secure SSAE16/SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certified data center with physical and electronic access control. PassTime device communication security:

  • PassTime utilizes Private Access Point Name (PAPN) and direct SMPP Bind connections with carriers providing fast and secure communication between our devices and the data center. PassTime has these connections with a number of worldwide wireless carriers including Verizon, Telefonica, T-Mobile, Bell, Telcel, Telenor and Rogers.