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The Right Vehicle Intelligence & GPS Tracking Solution For Your Business

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Lot Management and F&I Profit Center Designed for Franchise Dealers and Powersports
  • GPS-powered lot management
  • Theft recovery for dealers & vehicle owners
  • Monitor loaner & service vehicles as well as test drives
  • Text & email alerts for low batteries, boundary violations and speed

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Self-Powered, Wireless GPS Solution with No Installation Required
  • Wireless solution for BHPH, Finance Companies, Franchise Dealers and Powersports
  • No installation required
  • Self-powered, with multiple modes
  • Advanced lithium battery technology

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Affordable GPS Tracking with Optional Starter-Interrupt
  • Low-cost, easy-install GPS solution designed for BHPH, Finance Companies and Powersports
  • TRAX can help mitigate the risk of financing consumers with subprime credit, keep assets secure, and speed up the repossession process
  • TRAX gives companies the information they need to make smart, data-driven decisions

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GPS Tracking with Built-In Starter Interrupt & Upgradable
  • Designed for BHPH and Finance Companies
  • Select GPS is the perfect option for automotive businesses that want the ultimate control of their GPS devices
  • With pinpoint GPS, manual remote vehicle disable, and payment reminders, Select GPS gives customers the power to manage assets the way they want

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GPS Tracking + Automated Collection Technology Designed for BHPH and Finance Companies
  • PassTime Elite is a uniquely customizable suite of vehicle intelligence tools that allows businesses to combine GPS vehicle tracking with unmatched Automated Collection Technology (ACT) to provide a flexible portfolio of vehicle management tools
  • Lower delinquencies and boost profits with automatic payment management, asset tracking, and recovery functionality

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GPS Powered Fleet Management Designed For Any Size Fleet
  • PassTime Fleet GPS solutions have been built with industry-best technology and decades of expertise
  • This specialty suite of fleet-specific finance and telematics tools have been proven to save time and money for any size fleet
  • Get the strongest ROI with easy-to-use fleet management solutions uniquely designed to grow your business

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