PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
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Connect & Protect Your Vehicles

With InTouch, protect against theft, manage inventory, increase PVR, & boost service retention all with a single device
PassTime makes inventory management simple for franchise auto dealers and powersport vehicle dealers. With benefits for both dealers and consumers, InTouch GPS is the all-in-one solution for inventory management, service retention, and theft recovery.

PassTime InTouch provides GPS-powered vehicle inventory management, protection and recovery, and customer retention solutions to franchise dealers and powersport dealers, plus connected car and theft recovery benefits for their customers. You can feel confident in the security of your assets prior to making a sale, as well as increase profits for your business and peace of mind for your customers, with cutting-edge GPS-powered theft prevention tools that can help swiftly recover stolen vehicles.

InTouch GPS is Designed For:

Franchise Dealers

InTouch offers automatic anti-theft GPS tracking to help franchise and independent dealers reduce liability and recover stolen vehicles quickly.
  • Easily locate any parked vehicle on- or off-lot
  • GPS geofencing with automated alerts
  • Send customers maintenance and recall alerts 
  • Device resale for additional profits

Powersport Owners and Dealers:

Protect ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, and other motorsports equipment from theft, while also minimizing the financing risks with our InTouch GPS tracking solution.
  • Efficiently manage, track, and protect any number of vehicles
  • Protect your assets against extreme weather
  • Tamper and theft detection features

InTouch Solution Features

Nationwide network coverage

InTouch offers accurate and reliable monitoring and tracking across the country.

Monitor and protect any asset type

InTouch GPS is compatible with all types of vehicles, including fleets and powersports vehicles.

Stolen vehicle recovery

With InTouch GPS tracking, you can locate and recover vehicles quickly and safely.

Smartphone app for remote management

Effectively manage your fleet from anywhere with InTouch GPS mobile app.

See how our InTouch Technology gives consumers comfort, security, and peace of mind that both their vehicles and their passengers are safe.

InTouch App Information

  • Access InTouch’s connected car and theft recovery benefits from your smartphones
  • App is compatible with all Apple and Android devices

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