Cutting-edge wireless GPS solution

Encore is a revolutionary new product from PassTime that is changing the way the industry looks at GPS Solutions. BHPH dealers, Auto Finance, Franchise and Powersports dealers will love that Encore requires no installation. A self-powered device with multiple Power Modes, Encore can be put virtually anywhere and moved whenever needed.

What are you going to love about Encore?

Encore Features:

  • Self-Powered: Encore is completely self-powered without the need for ancillary power from a vehicle, external battery, or charger.
  • Wireless: Wireless, as in No Wires. Encore is completely self-contained without installation or communication wires needed.
  • No Installation Required: Put Encore in the glove box, console or in a discrete location within the vehicle without any vehicle installation required.
  • Portable: Small, lightweight and with no installation required, Encore is out most portable device ever.
  • Safe-T™ Activation Process: Activate the device when you’re ready to use it with PassTime’s Safe-T™ Activation process. Pull the tab, press the pin, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Flexible Power Modes: Multiple Power Modes offer flexibility for you to get the functionality and battery life that fits your needs.
  • Advanced Lithium Metal Battery Technology: Encore includes some of the most advanced battery technology available on the market to give you the small form factor you want with battery life you need.

Optimized Power Profile

Encore comes optimized with a power management profile to help you get the most of out of your device by using a pre-selected mix of Power Modes. With up to 5 years* battery life, Encore will initially locate more often to build a baseline, then automatically transition to automated, daily reporting.

Encore Power Profile bar

Encore Comparison

Flexible Power Modes

Encore offers different Power Modes for ultimate flexibility in selecting the features important to you along with the impact to the device’s battery. Want the longest lasting battery life? Pick Endurance Mode. Want more frequent location information? Pick Active Mode. With the ability to easily switch between modes when you need to, Encore gives you the flexibility you need.

Encore Power Mode bar


Encore Battery_EnduranceMode

Endurance Mode

2X per day. Fully automatic &
low maintenance.


Encore Battery Trip Mode

Trip Mode

Advanced accelerometer
reports data at the beginning
and end of each of the asset’s trips.


Encore Battery_ActiveMode

Active Mode

Full functionality while the asset is moving and locates when the asset stops. Always know where your vehicle is.


Encore Battery Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode

Full-power mode for vehicle recovery. Operates until battery is depleted or mode is switched.


*Estimate based upon a fully charged battery and is an approximation only. Duration of battery is not guaranteed.

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