PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Trailer and RV GPS Tracking Devices

Secure and monitor a wide variety of automotive equipment and accessories with PassTime’s advanced GPS tracking units for trailers and RVs. On the lot, in storage, or on the move, monitor and locate your RVs and trailers.
With PassTime’s GPS tracking devices for trailers, you can rest easy knowing your inventory is where you left it. Our smart GPS technology can help you track vehicle utilization, movement, rapid starts, and idling to improve efficiency and reduce risks.

Keep Track of Your Trailers and RVs

RV or trailer theft can lead to thousands of dollars in lost assets and labor time.
Recover your lost or stolen trailer swiftly and efficiently with the help of PassTime’s innovative trailer and RV GPS trackers. Our smart GPS technologies feature superior business intelligence and recovery features that let you review your trailer’s travel and usage history from your smartphone or computer.

Encore: Self-Powered GPS Solution

  • Zero installation required
  • Precision, wireless GPS tracking
  • Ultra lightweight and portable configuration
  • Flexible power modes for every application
  • Advanced lithium battery technology for up to 4+ years of life
  • Easy activation process

GPS Tracking Devices for RVs and Trailers

Get live updates on your RV or trailer’s location and utilization with smart GPS technology.
View your trailer’s
real-time status
Receive movement alerts for unauthorized activity or suspicious use
Accelerate trailer recovery
in case of theft
Track mileage, temperature,
battery life, and more

GPS Solutions for Trailers, RVs, and More

PassTime offers award-winning GPS tracking solutions for over 10,000 businesses worldwide. Based in Littleton, Colorado, we have countless technology patents designed to improve asset recovery, customer communication, and driver safety. With over 25 years of industry experience, we can help you find the right GPS device for your business.

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