PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Encore Helps Recover Stolen Vehicle

April 4, 2023

A PassTime customer in Miami, FL recently called his account rep in a panic. One of his vehicles had just been stolen in broad day, off the side of a street. The silver lining, if there could be any, was that the vehicle was equipped with an Encore device.

The battery-powered device, operates with four power modes to manage functionality with battery-life. In this case, the Encore device was in Endurance mode, which sends an automated location back every 12 hours. With the assistance of his PassTime account rep, the customer switched the Encore mode to Recovery mode, which allows for on-demand, live locates. The dealer was anxiously awaiting the the device's next check-in, which is when it would receive the message to switch modes. As soon as the device checked-in and switched to Recovery mode, the customer was able to get live locates of the vehicle.

After contacting law enforcement and notifying them that there was a GPS-powered asset tracking device on the vehicle, the dealer was able to provide live location information to them to assist.  From this vital information, law enforcement was able to physically locate the vehicle, which led to a high-speed chase with the individual.  Thankfully, the chase ended, the suspect was arrested and the vehicle was recovered and returned to the customer.  PassTime prides itself on the reliability of its solutions to work when they're needed, and in this case, was able to recover a lost asset. 

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