PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Four Ways to Install Encore on Hundreds of Assets

March 23, 2023

Four Ways to Install Encore on Hundreds of Assets

As a battery-powered, dual-location GPS tracking device that lasts four years or more, Encore forever altered the future of asset tracking. Thanks to PassTime, more industries can track more assets in real time than ever before. Here are four ways to install this lightweight and compact wire-free GPS device transforming asset management and the Internet of Things alike.

1. Go stealth in a seat, compartment, trunk or corner

Because Encore is about the size of a deck of cards, it can fit practically anywhere in assets with seats and/or compartments like cars, trucks, heavy-duty construction equipment, farming equipment, boats, powersports assets and more.

  • For assets with upholstered seats, you can tuck it up into the padding, zip-tie it to the seat frame or use Velcro to attach it to the underside of the seat.
  • Encore’s simple, black design makes it easy to hide in dark and small compartments like glove boxes, consoles and trunks. Adhere it to a flat, clean surface with industrial-strength double-sided tape.
  • This stealth method also works great with cargo. Simply place your device in a back corner of a container, and you’re ready to track.

An ideal installation method for these industries:

2. Go heavy-duty with our custom-molded case

PassTime’s heavy-duty case protects Encore in all sorts of environments thanks to its water-tight, dust-proof design that was custom molded to fit Encore snuggly and securely. It’s available in black or white for maximum camouflage and magnetized so it’s easy to place. This is great for enclosed trailers, shipping containers or any asset with a flat metal surface.

  • Simply pop in your Encore device, snap it shut and attach it with the built-in magnets.
  • You can also use zip ties for added security or if you don’t have a flat metal surface to use.

A great installation method for these industries:

3. Zip it up

Zip ties made from steel or nylon make it easy to attach Encore, especially on rounded surfaces such as tubes, poles, handles, stands or the necks and arms of equipment. Zip ties are ideal for any number of assets with an area to tie something to such as portable medical devices, non-powered heavy equipment or powersports assets like ATVs and snowmobiles. Heavy-duty steel or nylon zip ties help secure Encore either by itself or with the use of the HD case to whatever asset you need, quickly and securely. 

  • Zip ties are a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to secure your Encore device to hundreds or even thousands of assets.
  • High-temperature zip ties should be used for any assets that produce extreme heat such as drilling or where chemicals or radiation is used.
  • Polypropylene zip ties provide excellent resistance to chemicals and salts, which makes them ideal for construction and agriculture.

A go-to installation method for these industries:

  • Powersports
  • Medical
  • Trailers (especially open-air trailers like utility trailers, car haulers, equipment trailers, etc.)
  • Construction (especially for hand-held tools and smaller, portable equipment like saws and strappers)

4. Fully commit with double-sided tape

Use industrial-strength double-sided tape Encore just about anywhere. With the right adhesive, Encore can’t be removed without causing damage to the asset or an exceptional amount of elbow grease and time. Use this method if zip ties or the magnetic HD Case is not an option, or in conjunction with zip ties for even greater peace of mind.

  • 3M VHB Tape stands the test of time for its versatility, durability, weather resistance and strength. The adhesive can hold up to extreme temps, water and sunlight alike. Plus, it’s easy to install.

To maintain the best performance of the GPS technology in your device, avoid placing Encore in areas that are directly obstructed by metal, and follow orientation instructions provided. Still not sure how to install Encore on your asset? Our 24/7 live customer service support can help.

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