Chances are, you’ve invested hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in your construction equipment, which is why you should also invest in tracking software that gives you a real-time snapshot of where those assets are - whether they are on job sites, in transit or in storage. GPS tracking software can help you eliminate costly delays, losses and inefficiencies when it comes to your construction equipment. Here’s how.

How can construction equipment tracking software reduce costly delays?

According to Deltek, a widespread event can not only delay a project but cost it 20 to 30% of the total project budget.1 Not getting a crane, backhoe or excavator on time, misplacing it or waiting for it to be transported from another site can severely set back a project. Yet, keeping tabs on equipment can be challenging and easily fall to the wayside. Plus, human error can add headaches and confusion.

Leveraging live vehicle and equipment tracking through GPS technology can ensure you know where your construction equipment is at all times. You won’t have to spend precious hours, days or weeks making calls or sifting through paperwork to find your bulldozer in Denver that needs to go to Chicago. Instead, you can log into an online dashboard and pinpoint the location of your needed equipment in seconds. Asset tracking solutions make it simple for you and your team to track and deploy your mixed construction assets when and where you need them most. Time is money as they say.

How can construction GPS asset management mitigate losses?

According to the “National Equipment Register,” thieves stole more than $3 million worth of mixed construction assets over the July 4th holiday from 2016 to 2021.2 The top targeted locations were dealerships, job sites and storage with mowers, skid steers and utility vehicles being the most targeted types of equipment.2

Using construction-equipment tracking software and devices can help you better keep tabs on your equipment and, should it be stolen, recover it in less time and with greater accuracy. These solutions will help ensure you have the transparency to recover your construction equipment quickly and affordably. A 5G-compatiable GPS tracker for live vehicle and equipment tracking ensures accurate recovery.

How can GPS asset management reduce construction inefficiencies?

The construction equipment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% from 2021 to 2030, thanks, in part, to government infrastructure investment.3 Construction and construction equipment companies can’t simply ride the wave of increased demand; instead, they need to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

To do that, they need to ensure that no equipment sits forgotten or gets lost, regardless of where it is geographically. With a GPS asset tracking solution, managers can pinpoint the whereabouts of several mixed construction assets quickly and easily. Such transparency improves efficiencies within and between job sites, so that managers can move equipment where it’s most needed to boost uptime and complete projects on time and in budget. Usage logs can help managers understand which equipment can be leveraged elsewhere.

Why should you make Encore your go-to construction-equipment tracking software device?

Encore is PassTime’s self-powered, wireless GPS solution. With no installation required, an advanced lithium battery and a rugged case, Encore was made for the heavy-duty demands of mixed construction assets. This solution can be used on both powered, and non-powered assets, making it possible to track all types of equipment that would not be possible with a traditional, hard-wired solution. Coupled with cellular location technology Powered by Polte™, Encore can track assets where traditional GPS can’t reach, such as underground or in shipping containers. You can choose from four power modes to give you flexibility and maximize battery life. Activation takes seconds. Simply place Encore—about the size of a deck of cards—in a console or hide it in a discreet location for stealth asset tracking. Learn more about PassTime’s construction solutions here.

With PassTime and our unparalleled service by your side, you can improve construction costs, reduce theft and improve efficiencies. Contact us for a free quote.