PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

How GPS can Transform Construction-Waste Management for the Better

May 10, 2024

Construction accounts for an estimated 33% of the world’s waste. In the U.S. in 2018 alone, construction and demolition generated 600 million tons of debris. Demolition accounts for 90% of construction waste but material surpluses, on-site damage and packaging from new construction also contributes. That’s a whole lot of trash to deal with. Roll-off dumpsters are a key factor in construction-waste management, and they are critical to the success, schedule and budget of the project. Waste managers and construction managers alike can leverage battery-powered GPS devices to transform their construction-waste-management services in real time. Here’s how.

Why battery-powered GPS trackers matter for waste managers

As a waste manager, you likely have roll-off dumpsters across an entire state or region to manage. Using battery-powered GPS devices can help you manage your waste-management fleet in real time with unparalleled visibility. You’ll gain insight into where each of your dumpsters is located and understand how long each one has been on the site. You’ll be better able to gauge when it’s time to dispatch your waste-management fleet to plan and service routes for collection and disposal. Knowing this can help you improve customer service by being more proactive, rather than reactive, in debris collection.

Why construction managers should consider battery-powered GPS system for waste management

Construction managers have a lot to manage on a job site, from labor to safety, vendors to budgets. Using battery-powered GPS devices on your rented dumpsters can help you gain real-time visibility so you can better manage your timelines, vendors and budget.

Managing timelines and vendors

Demolition accounts for most construction debris. And with more emphasis on sustainable construction practices, it’s become more important to reduce, reuse, recycle and rebuy materials. This means you’ll likely need more dumpsters to better sort debris by material type: concrete, electronics, wood, metals. That means more dumpster assets to manage. Using battery-powered GPS devices can help you pinpoint where each dumpster is and better estimate when it will be full so you can have it picked up at the right time by your waste-management-services vendor.

Managing budgets

Roll-off dumpster rentals can add up, especially if you have a long project or are using multiple dumpsters. Your dumpster-rental price is affected by the duration of your rental, type of trash and weight of the trash. The national average to rent a dumpster is $540 per week, with prices as high as $1,815 in some markets. Using a battery-powered GPS device can help you maximize the value of your rental so it’s not picked up too soon, too late, underfilled or overfilled. With the visibility into your waste-management costs gained by battery-powered GPS, you can increase efficiency while maximizing your budget.

Make Encore your battery-powered GPS device of choice

Encore represents more than 25 years of GPS tracking-device innovation. About the size of a pack of cards, this stealth device can be installed virtually anywhere in seconds. Pinpoint dual-location technology combines GPS and LTE cellular technologies to track your assets anywhere—even in places like garages or warehouses, where GPS alone can’t reach. Multiple power modes give you the flexibility to maximize your battery life for years. Plus, you can activate it by simply flipping a switch. Our rugged, magnetized case holds up to the heavy-duty demands of construction and makes it easy for you to move the device from one asset to another. With PassTime’s 99.6% reliability rate and stellar customer service, you can rest easy knowing the tracking of your waste-management assets is in good hands.

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Dumpsters aren’t the only construction asset Encore can track. Discover what else you can track on a job site and how tracking can help reduce costs and mitigate delays here.

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