PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

How Reliable is Your GPS Tracking System?

February 17, 2021

Throughout modern history, we’ve often associated technology with progress as a continuous but positive movement. But of course, there are two sides to the coin and in some cases, technology can create as many problems as it aims to solve. When it comes to protecting your vehicle assets, you need the most reliable and best GPS tracking system out there. Here’s why:

Location, location, location

Vehicle recovery success hinges on locating a vehicle quickly and accurately. It could be weeks, months or even years between the time the vehicle leaves the lot, or the loan is purchased and the time you need it locate it for recovery; which means your GPS vehicle tracking device needs to stand the test of time. You can’t risk your vehicle GPS tracking device failing at a time you need it most. A failed device could mean losing your initial investment and future revenue because you’ve lost the ability to locate the vehicle.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Your GPS tracking device should be manufactured by a company with rigorous testing standards. It’s not enough to spot check 20 percent of devices as they come off the line. Testing should be done 100 percent of the time. Testing each device leads to extremely low failure rates: under half a percent. Are you willing to risk your assets on a cheap, resold GPS tracking system or would you rather opt for one with stringent quality-control measures for better peace of mind?

Expert installation

You also don’t want to risk the success of your GPS vehicle-tracking system with shoddy installation. If you are using your own shop, makes sure the installers are properly trained and if you are hiring an installer, they should also be state-certified. GPS tracking devices can connect to five or more electrical wires in the vehicle. You need an installer who knows exactly what they’re doing to ensure your device functions properly miles down the road.

24-hour support

If something does go wrong, you have a question, or simply need assistance with your vehicle GPS tracking device, you want a partner who is there for you at any and every time of day or night. Your GPS tracking device vendor should be there for you when it’s most critical. Their top priority should be helping you recover your assets as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Get 99.6 percent device reliability with PassTime

How does PassTime pull off virtually 100 percent GPS device reliability? With a proprietary testing method and end-to-end control of our products. At PassTime, we rigorously test each device as it comes off the line to ensure that both the GPS and cellular module functions properly. We design, develop, manufacture, distribute and support each one of our devices. And we work with a national network of state-certified, trained installers who perform thorough vehicle inspections complete with VIN and odometer verification. And we’re here 24/7/365 to help you recover your assets and troubleshoot issues.

Are you ready for the best GPS vehicle tracking system in the market? Get a quote.

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