InTouch For Consumers

InTouch for Franchise Dealers

InTouch is GPS for theft recovery and vehicle monitoring. In the event of a theft, InTouch customers can provide GPS data to law enforcement for recovery. Additionally, you can locate vehicles, set virtual boundaries, monitor vehicle speed and battery status right from the InTouch app.

Product Benefits

Pin Point GPS

Accurate GPS
technology locates
vehicles virtually

Real Time

Low Battery, speed,
service and boundary
notifications via
email or text


Up to six simultaneous
boundaries for
security and monitoring


Automatically set
boundary and speed
alerts when handing
over the keys

Security In The Palm Of Your Hand

InTouch App

  • Track vehicles anytime. From Anywhere. Monitor driver behavior of loved ones and teen drivers
  • Virtual Boundaries keep track of what matters. Set boundaries around the house or neighborhood, workplace, parking lot at the airport
  • Valet Mode for when you hand over your keys, Automatically sets a virtual boundary around your location, and speed alert
  • Alerts to stay informed. Text or email alerts for boundary violations, speed, and low battery

For Powersports

InTouch Powersports is a ruggedized and optimized version of the InTouch GPS system that allows customers to track their powersport vehicle while it is in motion, and in the event of a theft, provide law enforcement location information for recovery.

Perfect for: Motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and PWC


Deep Sleep

InTouch stays in a Deep Sleep mode to maintain Ultra-low Power Consumption.

Motion Detection

When the device senses motion, it activates, allowing full functionality while the vehicle is moving and for 15 minutes after it stops.


While active, the device can be located on demand, monitor speed & virtual boundaries.

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