PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

PassTime Helps Recover Stolen Vehicle

May 9, 2023
Recently, one of PassTime’s customers reported their vehicle stolen to their local law enforcement in New Haven, CT. When the police lost track of the car, they reached out to PassTime with details of the vehicle. PassTime was able to track the car and get in contact with the officer on the case to provide him with the current location. Unbeknownst to the officer, the suspect had already driven two towns over. PassTime stayed in constant contact with law enforcement to provide any further details of the tracking location. The vehicle finally stopped moving and the suspect ditched and fled on foot. State Patrol arrived and recovered the vehicle.
Thankfully, the vehicle was equipped with PassTime’s TRAX GPS device. Without the device, who knows how long it may have taken to recover the vehicle, if it was found at all. TRAX is a simple, easy to use GPS tracking device that provides the information you need to make informed business decisions, or in this case, recover a stolen car. It allows you to connect with your vehicles and protect your assets. The pin-point GPS tracking made it easy to locate and recover the stolen vehicle. PassTime is proud to provide reliable GPS tracking solutions that can connect, protect, and recover your stolen assets.
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