PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

PassTime® Launches Beyond GPS™ Location Technology Powered by Polte™

May 18, 2021

PassTime adds new technology to provide location intelligence to complement existing GPS technology in its Encore™ product line.

Littleton, Colorado and Dallas – May 18, 2021 – Today, PassTime, a leading provider of automotive and IoT GPS solutions, announced the availability of its new location technology service, “Beyond GPS,” which utilizes advanced Powered by Polte® cloud-based cellular location technology in cases which GPS location information is unavailable. PassTime has partnered with Polte, the innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology. PassTime is not only offering this in its new shipments of the revolutionary, battery-powered device, Encore™, but is upgrading all existing Encore devices in the field as well for existing customers. To learn more about PassTime’s Beyond GPS service or its Encore device, visit or contact the PassTime team at

PassTime’s GPS solutions are customized to fit unique business needs across automotive and powersport industries, from new and used car dealers to auto finance and vehicle fleets. The IoT (Internet of Things) solutions connect vehicle assets to provide important data to customers to streamline operations and aid in making critical business decisions, such as helping recover lost or stolen assets.

PassTime’s new Beyond GPS service offers customers dual location technologies, GPS and Polte, for unprecedented indoor and outdoor visibility in the automotive industry. While GPS technology is well established in the IoT industry, within the asset management and protection space particularly, instances arise when a GPS location becomes unavailable if the asset is in a parking structure, garage, building or under any type of overhead obstruction. With PassTime’s Beyond GPS service, if a GPS location is unavailable for any reason, customers will be provided location insights quickly and seamlessly using Polte’s patented cloud-based cellular location technology.

“Polte allows our customers to get accurate location information for their assets when GPS is not available.  It is a game changer for us and our customers,” stated Todd Goodnight, EVP & CTO for PassTime.

When a customer initiates a location request via their mobile app or online management system, Encore will automatically determine if GPS is available. If not, the device will simply leverage existing 4G/5G cellular infrastructure and Polte’s technology to obtain a location - with no action necessary by the user. By offloading computational complexity to the cloud, this approach is able to save power and heighten security of customer data when compared to alternative technologies.

New Encore devices with the Beyond GPS service have started shipping and the rollout to existing devices will continue over the next several weeks.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch and availability of Beyond GPS for PassTime customers,” Polte CEO Ed Chao said. “Polte offers so much more than what people call ‘the blue dot.’ This partnership will deliver visibility where GPS falls short, and massive value for new and existing PassTime customers.”

About Polte Corporation:  

Polte, the innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, provides disruptive, low-cost indoor and outdoor IoT location solutions that empower enterprises with unprecedented, real-time visibility into all the things that matter. Leveraging global 4G and 5G cellular signals, Polte transforms what is possible with asset tracking by driving heightened accessibility and greater speed to ROI for supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and a wide range of other sectors. For more information, visit us at Or, stay up to date with everything Polte by following us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.  

About PassTime:  

PassTime is a leading provider of GPS Solutions and has been in business for more than 25 years. PassTime’s GPS Solutions help connect vehicles and protect assets for multiple sectors of the automotive and powersports industries including auto dealers, auto finance companies, fleet transportation providers and consumers. The company prides itself on high-quality, reliable products and unmatched customer support.

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