Vehicle thefts are on the rise in 2022 with nearly half a million thefts in the first half of 2022 alone. Powersports—ATVS, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis and other vehicles—are not immune. Motorcycle thefts were up 26% in 2021 while snowmobile theft was up a whopping 101.4% year over year in 2020.

One answer to the big powersports theft problem—not to mention your powersports dealership’s bottom line—is the size of a card deck, requires no installation and has a years-long lifespan. Say hello to battery-powered GPS.

How can battery-powered GPS protect your powersports assets?

Whether you need financing or offer financing for powersports vehicles, one thing is certain: you need to protect your assets on and off the lot. Powersports vehicles can be easier than cars to steal because they are often harder to protect, especially outdoors. You need to have absolute certainty where your powersports assets are always located.

A battery-powered GPS device gives you unparalleled insight into where your powersports vehicles are located. Install discreetly and activate the device in seconds for pin-point location services—whether on land or sea. Choose a device with cellular-location technology to track powersports vehicles where GPS can’t such as warehouses, garages or shipping containers. If you install the device using a magnetized case, zip ties or similar, you can reuse the tracker as you cycle through your inventory to keep costs low and asset protection high.

With a battery-powered GPS device, finance companies and credit unions have the peace of mind they need to provide loans while mitigating risks from loss. If you finance loans yourself, you can enjoy that same confidence. Finance companies and dealerships alike can have the assurance they need to recover assets quickly and efficiently should they go missing thanks to these small-yet-mighty and stealthy trackers.

How does an all-in-one asset-management system makes powersports financing and lot management easier?

With an all-in-one powersports asset-management system, you have the tools you need to manage your inventory, retain customers and prevent theft. You’ll be able to locate a vehicle on or off the lot or showroom and even create geofencing alerts, so you’ll know instantly if a test drive has gone too far. You’ll also be able to store or move assets to a safe location should inclement weather roll in. If theft does occur, you’ll be able to track and recover assets anywhere in the U.S. accurately, reliably and safely.

How can battery-powered GPS drive your revenue?

Finance companies and dealerships aren’t the only ones who can benefit from battery-powered GPS. Consumers want that same level of security for their investment. Dealers can resell these battery-powered GPS devices to the end-user. The consumer can then rest easy they’ll have commercial-grade theft-recovery protection for years. Powersports-vehicle designers have been catering to more family-friendly consumers over the past decade with safety features like seat belts, anti-lock brakes, roll cages and three-wheel designs. These safety-conscious consumers likely value security. Offering them a turnkey GPS device for stolen vehicle recovery could be the icing on their powersports cake.

Make PassTime your battery-powered GPS and asset-management system provider of choice

PassTime’s long-standing history of GPS innovation and reliability means you’ll have the cutting-edge technology, unmatched reliability and exceptional customer service you need to tackle your unique powersports dealership needs. We pioneered GPS-based asset-management tracking systems as well as battery-powered GPS. Here's what sets PassTime apart.

Encore Protects the Powersport Assets You Finance

Encore is PassTime’s wireless, self-powered, compact GPS solution that can track just about anything, including powersports assets. Because its self-powered and won’t drain a vehicle battery, you can use it on all the powersport deals you finance to help lower your risk and protect your business. Simply attach it to the powersports vehicle, flip a switch and it’s ready to track your asset for up to four or more years. Encore features Beyond GPS™, a dual location technology to help track assets where GPS can’t and maximize network longevity. Four different power modes give you the ultimate flexibility in maximizing battery life and completing a speedy asset recovery.

We designed Encore to be tough enough for powersports. It’s so tough, in fact, it survived an air drop testing with a U.S. armed forces contractor. Our rugged HD case makes Encore even more durable while it’s industrial-strength magnets make installation a snap. Water-tight and dust-proof, this case is perfect for the rough-and-tumble demands of powersports.

InTouch VP Boosts Revenue & Protects Against Theft

PassTime’s InTouch VP program utilizes Encore hardware to give your dealership a boost in revenue by reselling InTouch VP to your customers as a theft recovery solution.  You can even utilize these features on your powersport assets before you resell it to your customers. You and your customers will love the  all in one, easy-to-use InTouch VP appwhere you can remotely monitor assets from practically anywhere. You’ll be able to monitor location information, toggle between four different power modes, and provide law enforcement vital information in the event of a theft.

Discover why over 10,000 businesses have chosen PassTime to protect $10 billion worth of assets. Contact us for a free quote today.