You might think your cargo tracking is already taken care of. You’ve got a tracking number, and the transportation has GPS tracking and tracing—that’s all you need to monitor your shipments, right? Wrong. Here are three reasons why you need a cost-effective, battery-powered GPS tracker on your cargo.

#1: Your GPS tracking device needs to be on the cargo, not on the mode of transportation

You may track cargo on the ground, water or air. Chances are, you've got a GPS tracking device of some kind on board. But, likely, such a device only tracks the vehicle or mode of transportation, not necessarily the cargo itself. For example, if you've got a semi-truck hauling a trailer across the country, there may be GPS tracking installed in the cab of the truck. But once separated, the device will only tell you where the truck is, not the trailer. 

If your most important asset (your cargo) does not have its own GPS tracking device, how confident can you really be that you know where it is? The importance of a GPS tracking system for cargo is that you have real-time, always-on insight into where your cargo is and how long it’s been there. You’ll be able to track and trace when it’s in transit, storage or transfer. Whether you need air-cargo tracking, ground-shipment monitoring or sea tracking and tracing, a battery-powered cargo GPS tracking device can help.

#2: Supply chain delays can turn your cargo into a sitting duck

Cargo theft is estimated to be a $15–35 billion problem, with California, Texas, Florida and Illinois the hardest hit. Your cargo is especially susceptible during supply-chain backups and delays. These backups may result in your cargo sitting for hours, days, or even weeks, potentially in unsecure locations, before being loaded or unloaded. Truck stops and distribution warehouses remain prime targets for cargo thieves. 

Having a cost-effective, battery-powered cargo GPS tracking system can help you better monitor your shipments, whether they're in transit or at rest. If cargo theft does occur, you'll be better equipped to recover it. 

#3: Battery-powered GPS cargo tracking is covert

A battery-powered cargo GPS tracking device can be as small as a deck of cards. This stealthy size paired with a water-tight, magnetic case means you can easily  secure it inside a shipping crate or container. The small, lightweight design won’t damage the cargo it’s meant to protect. Thieves won’t be able to tell by sight that the cargo is being tracked and traced. Such a device can help you and the authorities recover stolen cargo quickly and easily.

Your cargo deserves Encore

Your valuable cargo deserves a cost-effective, battery-powered cargo GPS tracking device that’s just as valuable. Use PassTime’s Encore. Here’s why:

  • Our wireless, self-powered cargo GPS tracker can be installed and activated in seconds, perfect for monitoring shipments.
  • Pin-point location information is automatically sent, on a customizable schedule, providing you location history of your tracked cargo without lifting a finger
  • Thanks to cellular location technology Powered by Polte™, you can track assets where GPS-only devices can’t, like inside buildings, basements or parking garages, ensuring accurate tracking and asset recovery.
  • With up to four years of battery life and extremely low power consumption, you can reuse the device to monitor countless shipments.
  • Flexible power modes give you the flexibility and insight you need to protect your cargo on your schedule.
  • Ultra-small and lightweight, Encore weighs less than two ounces and fits in the palm of your hand.


    Keep track of and trace your precious cargo with Encore. Get a quote today