PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

What Finance Companies Should Look for in a Wireless GPS Tracker

June 2, 2021

In the past, the cost and time of hardwired GPS devices might have prevented you or the dealerships you work with from using an asset-management system. But thanks to battery-powered GPS trackers, cost and time are no longer an issue for efficient vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery. Here’s what Finance Companies and Credit Unions should look for in wireless GPS tracker.


A battery-powered GPS tracker is easy to install in seconds. Tuck it under a seat; inside the padding; or install it discreetly in the trunk, glove box or console. That’s it. No need to remove interior panels or connect wires. No need to open up the dashboard. Just quick and easy installation that makes implementing a vehicle-tracking system simple.


The right battery can make or break a battery-powered GPS tracker. You need a battery that’s reliable and long-lasting. You also need a solution with multiple modes that can go from endurance daily tracking to maximum recovery mode. Such flexibility prolongs the device’s battery life. Look for an advanced lithium battery because it has a much higher energy density and lower discharge rate than other types of batteries. Lithium batteries can last years before needing replacement.

Custom ordering portal

An easy-to-install, wireless GPS tracking system should also come with its own custom-ordering portal. This turn-key solution reduces logistics for Finance Companies and makes it simple for dealerships to comply with conditions of loans. The dealer orders the number of battery-powered GPS devices needed from the GPS device portal and the devices are shipped directly to the dealer. The dealer can easily install, activate and test each device all within minutes for maximum scalability and efficiency.

PassTime’s revolutionary easy-to-install, battery-powered GPS device

It’s clear that battery-powered GPS devices are transforming the automotive industry. But with Encore, PassTime has upped the ante. Here’s how.

Anyone on the lot can easily install Encore GPS trackers in seconds. Smaller than a deck of cards, Encore features an ultra-compact, lightweight design. Our simple mobile application allows dealers to activate and test each device in minutes.

This sleek, battery-powered GPS device lasts four years or more. The advanced lithium battery features four modes for maximum battery life and ultimate tracking flexibility. Track twice a day in Endurance Mode, at the beginning and end of each drive in Trip Mode, while the vehicle is moving in Active Mode or switch to full power for Recovery Mode to always know a vehicle’s location.

And with PassTime’s custom-ordering portal, implementing a GPS program is simple, with no cost to Finance Companies or Credit Unions. We handle the logistics of ordering and shipping. We train the dealers on compliance and tracking best practices. We help you prioritize recoveries to save time and money and prevent loss. We’ve helped our clients improve vehicle recovery by 24%, slash recovery time by 89% and increase vehicle recovery value by 21%.


Ready to get started with PassTime’s battery-powered, easy-to-install GPS device? Give us a call at 1-800-828-1564 or fill out this form.

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