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Elite 6 is PassTime’s latest version of the award-winning Elite platform of GPS Solutions. The most advanced GPS tracking device in the PassTime lineup, Elite 6 has the most flexible installation options of any of our devices.


Elite 6 Features:

Our Most Flexible GPS Installation Ever

Choose from a normally open or normally closed relay configuration – or use even more advanced installation options for specific vehicles.

Advanced Override Features

No remotes needed for Override Commands with Elite 6. Consumers can utilize the Override App on their mobile phone or the starting sequence to use an Override Command + No disablement without wireless coverage feature!

20%* Smaller Size

Smaller overall unit size makes handling even easier. *Compared to the Elite 5 and wiring harness.

Ultra Fast 4G LTE Network

Elite 6 runs on Verizon Wireless or AT&T's 4G LTE network in the United States and in Canada, Elite 6 is leveraging Rogers Wireless, Canada’s most trusted wireless network.


Elite Gives You:

    • Pinpoint GPS Location
    • Starter Interrupt
    • Payment Reminders
    • Tamper Detection

What’s New with Elite 6?

If you’ve used a previous version of Elite, you’ll notice a few things are different with the Elite 6.  First, Elite 6 has an all new design, made specifically to give customers multiple options for installation. With so many vehicle configurations and installation preferences, Elite 6 should make installation on just about any vehicle possible.


Changes You’ll See with Elite 6:

No More Wiring Harness

If you’ve purchased a previous version of PassTime Elite, the first change you may notice is there is no longer a wiring harness.  Elite 6 connection wires are mounted directly to the device for a stronger connection, eliminating a failure point of the connector itself.

Different Color Wires (and more of them!)

To accommodate the various installation options available on Elite 6, we’ve added some additional wires to the device – which you may or may not use in your installation.

No More Remote

Elite 6 has been designed without the need for a remote control for the consumer. The functionality of the remote is now available in the PassTime Override App. Additionally, consumer can utilize the starting sequence to initiate a disable Override for their vehicle.

Advanced Override Features

Consumers now have three options to initiate an Override Command:

    1. Vehicle Starting Sequence: Insert key in ignition. Turn key to the “ON” position, then back to the “OFF” position 5 consecutive times within 30 seconds to initiate override command.
    2. Use PassTime Override Mobile App: with the app installed on your smart phone, use instructions in app to request an Override Command. Available for iPhone & Android. Get the Override App Here
    3. Call PassTime 24/7 Support and request an available Override Command.

Additionally, Elite 6 has a Safe Disablement feature which prevents the disablement of a vehicle without wireless coverage in the area.  This helps prevent consumers from being stranded in an area where the device cannot communicate.

Multiple Installation Configurations

Elite 6 is our most flexible device ever when it comes to installations. See the Elite 6 Install Guide for our most common configurations and pick the one that’s right for you, every time.


Installation Choices Like Never Before

With the Elite 6, you now have multiple installation options to fit just about every vehicle and preference. For the full Elite 6 Installation Guide, Login to your OASIS account. The guide will walk you through the most common ways to install the Elite 6 as well as all the options available. Find out which configuration works best for you!


Want more information on Elite 6?
Contact your sales rep or call us toll free at 1-800-828-1564