PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

What's New with Encore 4

November 27, 2023

Encore 4 Hero Image


In addition to all of Encore‘s great features, Encore 4 has impressive upgrades and enhancements to make it the best version ever!

Up to 5-Year Battery Life!

Encore 4 has a larger battery capacity and
we’ve optimized the device’s internal power
components to give you up to 5-year battery life*
without ever needing to recharge!

Waterproof & Dust-Tight

Encore 4 is IP66 & IP68 rated which means it’s
dust-tight, waterproof**, and protected against
forceful water spray, giving it the rugged durability
needed to be used in all types of environments.

Streamlined Enclosure

Encore 4 has an updated enclosure design with a
new flush fitting activation cover and completely
smooth front and rear surfaces to ease placement
in tight spaces.

Faster Speed

While you won’t physically see it, Encore 4’s inside
components have been carefully re-engineered,
with enhancements and optimization of overall
responsiveness, communication, and speed.


All Encore devices now have the ability to do
geofences! Keep track of when an asset enters
or leaves a designed boundary to give you even
more protection for your assets.

Increased Cellular Reception

Redesigned cellular antenna greatly enhances
Encore 4’s cellular performance over prior models
and provides greater connectivity in rural and
other remote locations.

Enhanced Battery Performance

In addition to lasting longer, Encore 4’s battery
has been optimized to work better in colder
climates and has stronger overall performance
for the life of the battery.

GPS Upgrades

We upgraded Encore 4’s GPS antennas and
module for greater sensitivity, resulting in a 150%
increase in signal capture, increased accuracy, and
overall GPS performance, especially in difficult
conditions like overhead obstructions.

Learn more about Encore here or click below for to request a quote or demo!

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