PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Why Dealers and Finance Companies Love This Easy-Install GPS Device

March 10, 2021

GPS technology never stops. Since its inception by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1973, civilians and businesses have found new applications for GPS, from clock synchronization to contact tracing, just-in-time grocery delivery to vehicle tracking. For Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers and finance companies, reliable vehicle tracking can mean the difference between profit and risk.

Out with the Old

Most vehicle GPS solutions take time and a whole lot of wires—five or more—to install. Hardwiring a device to a car’s electrical system establishes a reliable power connection. But this type of installation takes more time and requires a certified installer. If you’re looking to install GPS devices at scale or in a short time frame, you’ll need an army of installers.

In with the Wireless

That’s why more and more BHPH dealers and finance companies are turning to wire-free, battery-powered devices that take less than a minute to install. The size of a credit card, these devices are sleek, self-contained and boast a long battery life. This new, easy-to-install tracking device has the potential to do for GPS what cell phones did for the telephone: freedom from wires, flexible functionality and go-anywhere technology that last up to four or more years.

Discover PassTime’s Wireless GPS Tracker

Meet Encore, PassTime’s easiest wireless vehicle-tracking device to install and the culmination of two decades’ worth of innovation. Advanced lithium battery technology powers Encore for up to four years.  Flexible power modes maximize that battery life while meeting your vehicle tracking needs. Multiple power modes and profiles give you ultimate flexibility for endurance or recovery. Its stealthy appearance makes it more discreet. Our simplified two-step process makes activation quick and simple. These are some of the reasons why Encore from PassTime GPS is the easiest way to track a vehicle.

Learn more about how Encore is changing price perceptions here.

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