PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Why Your Dealership Needs GPS Solutions that Integrate with These Four Technologies

July 9, 2021

GPS solutions can do a whole lot more than simply track and locate vehicles, thanks to technology integrations. GPS solutions that are integrated with other operational and business critical solutions can help you gather critical business data, communicate with customers, manage payments and optimize your cash flow. When you’re deciding on a GPS-solutions provider, you’ll want to look for one that integrates with these four technologies.

Dealer Management System

A dealer management system, or loan management system is one of the most important systems that car dealers and auto finance companies use on a daily basis. Keeping track of vehicle inventory and details, processing sales and financing, to managing payments and collection efforts, the DMS or LMS keeps your business running. When your GPS provider is integrated into your DMS or LMS system, you’ll be able to perform many of the features of your GPS, directly within your management system. From account creation to device setup. Preforming locates, sending payment reminders, and running reports can all be done directly in the DMS/LMS, without needing to juggle two systems.

LTE-M Network

A 5G-compatible LTE-M network is ideal for tracking vehicles in real time as they travel between cellular towers. LTE-M networks are reliable, yet cost-effective. They are designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) and allow compact devices to consume less power with both high efficiency and accuracy. This allows even battery-powered GPS devices to stay in the field longer.

Cloud Location over Cellular (C-Loc) technology

GPS has revolutionized the way dealers track and manage their assets. However, everyone who uses GPS tracking devices know that even GPS has its limits. For example, a GPS fix is often difficult when the mobile asset is  in a parking garage or building. That’s where C-LoC comes in. It leverages 4G and 5G networks (instead of GPS) to obtain a  location information in real time. With C-LoC integrated into a GPS tracking device, you get dual-location technology to provide location data more often. The cloud-based technology helps conserve energy and heighten security for customer data.

Flexible Payment Platforms

Customers want flexibility and payment platforms that work with them and their lifestyles. With a flexible payment platform connected to your GPS solution, you can provide your customers with maximum choice, ease and flexibility. With a text-to-pay app, you can quickly send customers payment reminders, and they can pay their bill in a single click. No need to run to the bank for checks, pay fees at the ATM or a cash-loan store or load a pre-paid debit card. A payment-processing platform that partners with thousands of retailers nationwide enables you to accept cash 24/7 without risk. With a flexible payment platform, your customers can split their payments between their bank account, cash and credit. They can use Apple or Google Pay. Instead of forcing customers to fit a narrow payment plan, you adapt to meet them where they’re at with their finances.

PassTime’s Technology Integrations

PassTime’s technology integrations enhance the value of our GPS solutions. For more than 25 years, we’ve been a leader in innovation. Our technology integrations continue to help build a provider network, allowing our customers to save time and money through efficient operations. Here are a few of the technologies we’re proud to partner with.


PassTime has integration partnerships with many of the industry’s top dealer management/loan management systems for buy-here-pay-here dealers, auto finance companies, and independent and franchise dealerships. By providing robust PassTime Web Service solutions, DMS/LMS providers have a technical framework ready to build against, making additional integrations nearly seamless. Contact us for a list of current DMS/LMS partners.

masterQueue data-management system

masterQueue’s data-management system automates and simplifies the skip-tracing and debt-collection process. masterQueue gives PassTime customers unprecedented data and analysis to make smart, informed business decisions. You can dedicate your time and resources only to those customers you need to focus on, the ones financial institutions have lost touch with or who are late on their payments. You can streamline your operations and improve efficiency. You can improve your loan-portfolio performance and your cash flow. It’s all thanks to masterQueue and PassTime.

AT&T LTE-M network

PassTime uses AT&T’s LTE-M network for its GPS devices because of its extensive, reliable, cost-effective coverage.. The scalability of AT&T’s network allows our customers to connect even more devices, locally or over a wide geography.

PolteTM C-LoC technology

PassTime recently launched Beyond GPSTM location technology powered by Polte C-LoC, which is exclusively available on Encore, PassTime’s revolutionary, battery-powered, ultra-compact GPS solution that cuts installation time to seconds. Beyond GPS now comes standard on all new shipments and existing in-field Encore devices have been upgraded with Polte C-LoC technology as well.

BlytzPay text-to-pay app

PassTime’s BlytzPay partnership helps dealers communicate with customers via mobile, text payment reminders and gives those same customers maximum payment flexibility. Customers can split their payment method multiple ways and even pay cash—all via their mobile device 24/7. No need to go to a brick-and-mortar location or spend time on the phone with a customer service representative. Just easy, fast and secure payment processing.

PayNearMe payment processing platform

PassTime’s strategic partnership with PayNearMe provides PassTime customers with an innovative, all-in-one payment-processing platform that works for in-person payments as well as those made online. Leveraging PayNearMe’s network of 31,000 retail partners, including 7-Eleven, Walmart and CVS, PassTime customers now have the option of accepting in-person payments without the hassle or risk of cash. Plus, this platform integrates with digital payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as traditional banking payments from debit and credit cards as well as ACH transfers. The PayNearMe platform offers PassTime customers ultimate flexibility in accepting and managing payments.


At PassTime, we never stop innovating. We started out as a game-changer in the industry, and we continue to be, thanks, in part, to our strategic-technology partnerships.

Think you’re ready for a GPS solutions provider on the cutting edge of technology? Connect with us.

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