PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Why Your GPS Device Should Use a 5G-Compatible, LTE Category M1 Network

June 29, 2021

You’ve probably heard about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming everything from healthcare to transportation. The IoT revolution is already here and might, in fact, be powering your 5G-enabled GPS vehicle tracker. Here’s why you should look for a GPS tracker with a 5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 network.

Technology Longevity

 A 5G-compatible GPS device is increasing your technology’s longevity. It works  with existing 4G networks as well being forward compatible with 5G networks. This means you may not need to upgrade your GPS trackers once 5G networks are fully built out and operational, and your existing devices may last even longer. Your investment in a 5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 GPS device will provide you coverage for years to come.

It’s ideal for tracking assets in real time

Because a 5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 network supports cellular tower handoffs, it’s great for tracking vehicles and other mobile assets as they move around. These types of GPS trackers transfer low packets of data, such as vehicle location, across a wide geographic region, while saving on airtime costs and power drain. With a 5G-compatible GPS device, you can be confident in your vehicle-tracking data thanks to accurate device positioning.

Minimum power consumption and maximum efficiency

5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 GPS tracking devices are known for their low power consumption and high efficiency. This means your GPS devices can stay in the field longer, even when they are battery-powered. Additionally, these devices often include power-saving modes that can even further the longevity of the devices. . 5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 GPS tracking devices can transfer up to one megabit per second with fewer delays.

All PassTime devices are 5G compatible and on the LTE Category M1 network

Each of PassTime’s devices—Trax, Select GPS, Elite, InTouch and Encore—are 5G compatible. We use the Category M1 network to give you ultimate location accuracy at the fastest speeds using the only a fraction of the power of some devices. With this energy-saving network, we’re able to keep even battery-powered GPS devices in the field for up to four or more years. Our 5G-compatibility and LTE Category M1 network are just two reasons to work with us in addition to our exceptional customer service, 100% device reliability and commitment to compliance.

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