PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Find out how to save time and money by GPS tracking your medical equipment

April 29, 2024

Medical equipment is essential to keeping a hospital running smoothly. After labor and administrative expenses, it’s also the second-highest cost of providing medical care. Those costs are going up, hospital supply expenses increased 18.5% between 2019 and 2022 per patient.

With the cost of equipment, and the time it takes to monitor it all, having a medical equipment tracking system in place is important. Adding a GPS tracking device to medical equipment can make it easy to track equipment and help prevent loss and theft.

Save inventory time with GPS tracking solutions

It takes a lot of machines to keep a medical facility going. With movable equipment like endoscopes, ultrasound machines, biopsy equipment and cardiac defibrillators, keeping track of inventory can be a challenge. That’s where GPS tracking solutions can be handy.

Adding portable GPS trackers to each piece of equipment can help streamline the medical equipment tracking process. Having a GPS inventory tracking system can cut down on unnecessary time doing periodic inventory or having to find missing items. When a medical equipment tracking system is in place, equipment can be fitted with a portable GPS tracker once and then staff can see what equipment they have and where it is in the building.

GPS inventory tracking can also reduce issues with ordering unneeded equipment. Knowing how many items are in rotation can minimize unnecessary purchases. When equipment is off premises, GPS allows you to see exactly where everything is and how many items you  have in use and available. Portable GPS trackers allow personnel see there are 100 motorized wheelchairs whether they’re onsite or in another location.

Save money by decreasing accidental loss or theft

Portable GPS trackers can also reduce equipment loss through misplaced items or theft. With the GPS inventory tracking system, staff can track medical equipment that’s been loaned out. Or, if an item has been stolen, they can bring it up in the system and pinpoint where it’s been taken.

Whether equipment has been misplaced, stolen or accidentally left behind, the portable GPS tracker can help locate it and get it back. Now, an expensive motorized wheelchair won’t be left to sit in someone’s closet for six months because it was forgotten during the initial pick up.

Make tracking medical equipment easy with PassTime's Encore GPS

Keeping track of your medical equipment is now even easier. With state-of-the-art technologies, PassTime’s InTouch VP GPS-based tracking system features Encore, our industry-leading, battery-powered portable GPS tracker. Encore offers a wealth of insights and tools to help you keep track of all your expensive medical equipment. Here’s how:

  • Easy installation—Encore’s fourth-generation, advanced lithium battery technology allows you to install and activate the device in seconds.
  • Compact and lightweight—Weighing in at two ounces and about the size of a deck of cards, it’s easy to attach it to a variety of medical equipment.
  • Long lasting—The Encore device features an impressive 5+-year lifespan to give you peace of mind, and it’s been optimized to work better in colder climates.
  • Upgraded GPS—It now has enhanced GPS antennas, resulting in a 150% increase in signal capture, increased accuracy and overall GPS performance.

Once you've added Encore to your equipment, you can create a naming convention for each, ensuring you know exactly which piece of equipment you're looking at. For example, logging a new device into the system, you can include the name, Ultrasound Machine and the specific serial number 854231, to ensure you know exactly which device you’re looking at. Then when you log in to your system, it’s easy to find the exact item you need.

PassTime GPS solutions can help you track your medical inventory, decrease theft and save you time and money. Contact us for a free quote.

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