PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

How to Protect Leased Medical Equipment with GPS

May 30, 2024

Leased medical equipment plays a vital role in the healthcare industry, ensuring that hospitals, primary care providers, imaging professionals and others have access to the necessary tools for patient care. However, managing and tracking these equipment rentals can be a challenging task. Let's explore some of the top ways healthcare providers are leveraging battery-powered GPS solutions to streamline the management of high-tech, potentially life-saving equipment, especially when they’re shared between multiple medical facilities.

GPS helps providers keep track of equipment shared between medical facilities

Hospitals are bustling hubs of activity, with medical equipment constantly being used and moved around. With so much equipment in circulation, it can be challenging for hospitals to keep track of their leased medical devices. In fact, research shows that between 10 and 20% of a hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen each year. This is where GPS tracking comes in handy.

Think about it: hospitals are comprised of so many specialized wards, such as cardiology, labor and delivery, oncology and radiology, not to mention an emergency room that buzzes with commotion 24/7. If leased medical equipment is shared between these departments, it’s easy to lose track of each device’s location, which can be a big problem when the equipment’s lease is up. For medical-equipment lessors, this can create a significant loss of both inventory and money.

What’s more, leased medical equipment might not be confined to just one hospital. Some medical facilities might engage in equipment-sharing arrangements with partner locations. Such arrangements help to cut leasing costs while maximizing the use rates of expensive, high-tech devices that a facility might not be able to afford on its own. If your medical facility shares leased hospital equipment between two or more facilities, installing a GPS can help mitigate the possibility of loss or theft when it’s on the move.

A smart, scalable solution for medical facilities of all sizes

In addition to hospital workers, other healthcare providers, such as clinic staff, primary care providers, researchers and imaging professionals rely heavily on several types of medical equipment rentals to deliver quality patient care. However, keeping track of this equipment can be challenging, especially if the provider is sharing the leased equipment between two or more locations of their practice. By installing a battery-powered GPS solution like PassTime’s Encore, medical facilities both big and small can reduce liability and ensure greater peace of mind that their leased equipment is well-protected.

Though clinics are typically smaller than other medical facilities, managing and tracking leased medical equipment can still be a daunting task for clinic administrators. That's where GPS technology comes in to make their lives easier. Because clinics can often have multiple locations or work with a larger healthcare facility, it's important to ensure that all shared medical equipment is accounted for, and that each location has the equipment it needs to treat patients effectively. Even healthcare professionals who don’t see patients daily can benefit from GPS technology to keep track of their expensive medical equipment. Many research labs collaborate with other institutions and organizations on various projects. When leasing medical equipment from different vendors across multiple locations, it becomes even more important to have an efficient system in place to keep track of all these assets.

Keep track of important radiology facility equipment

Perhaps the top healthcare providers who could benefit most from a battery-powered GPS solution are radiology professionals who offer mobile imaging services to patients. Imaging technicians bring sophisticated imaging equipment such as X-ray, EKG and ultrasound machines to a residence, place of business or medical facility. Loss, theft or damage to the mobile imaging vehicle or the equipment inside could be a staggering liability for a radiology facility, especially if any of the equipment was leased. By installing a battery-powered GPS on all leased medical equipment in their mobile imaging vehicles, radiology professionals can keep better track of their assets and mitigate potentially devastating losses.

PassTime GPS delivers medical equipment tracking solutions scaled to your needs

Because different healthcare providers have different needs when it comes to asset tracking and management, PassTime has developed a variety of GPS solutions to fit your needs, whether you run a small research lab or manage medical equipment rentals for numerous medical facilities.

For healthcare providers who are interested in keeping track of leased medical equipment across multiple locations, Encore, our industry-leading, battery-powered portable GPS tracker, might be your best bet. Equipped with PassTime’s InTouch VP GPS-based tracking system, Encore can help you keep track of all your expensive medical equipment with ease. Here’s how:

  • Easy installation—Install and activate in seconds with Encore’s fourth-generation, advanced lithium battery technology.
  • Compact and lightweight—can be attached to a variety of medical equipment thanks to its small, feather-light construction.
  • Long lasting—Delivers peace of mind for 5 years or more.
  • Upgraded GPS—150% increased signal capture, greater accuracy and improved overall GPS performance.

Once you've added Encore to your leased medical equipment, you can create a naming convention for each, ensuring you know exactly which piece of equipment you're looking at. For example, as you activate an Encore device on a defibrillator, you can give it a unique name like Defib 1 and a specific serial number like 987654 to ensure you know exactly which device you’re looking at. Then, next time you log in to your system, it’s easy to find what you need, when you need it.

For medical equipment tracking that saves time, money and possibly lives, choose PassTime GPS to help you keep an eye on your leased assets. Get a quote today from a PassTime representative.

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