PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Take Healthcare on the Go Safely with Medical Equipment Tracking

January 5, 2024

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thanks to health-screening equipment such as mammogram machines, ultrasound equipment and other devices, healthcare professionals are able to catch potentially serious issues quickly, which can result in better outcomes for their patients. In addition to being available in hospitals and doctors’ offices across the country, this highly sophisticated equipment can also be found on mobile screening vehicles that travel to underserved or rural areas.

For healthcare organizations, more preventive screenings mean healthier patients in the long run, but also can mean a greater need for screening equipment and other medical assets to be available and accessible to all patients.

Considering that 10 to 20% of a hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life, it’s important to have a smart, easy way to keep track of your important and costly medical equipment all year long. It’s not just portable medical equipment at risk for loss or theft either; there are numerous accounts of hospital employees and other healthcare professionals, and even professional thieves, going to great lengths to steal all kinds of expensive equipment and resell them on the Internet for a profit.

Why medical equipment tracking matters

One of the best things about mobile medical equipment is that it can be, well, mobile. Healthcare organizations and outreach programs can offer mobile screening services, such as mammograms, to people who might not otherwise be able to be screened. Other mobile medical equipment, including sonogram machines and other imaging equipment, endoscopic devices, scanners and more. The portable nature of these assets helps make healthcare more accessible, but it can also increase the risk of them getting lost, stolen, or simply losing track of where they are.

Even if the equipment in question isn’t mobile, it’s still important to keep tabs on it to prevent theft or loss. This can be especially true for healthcare providers who practice in multiple locations. It can be difficult to keep track of which office houses which equipment. Using a GPS tracker for medical equipment, much as you would on a vehicle, can help your organization stay on top of your assets’ whereabouts, which can significantly help reduce loss and cut down on liability with leased equipment.

How a medical equipment tracking system can help you protect your investments

Whether they are used in a busy hospital setting, a pop-up clinic or a mobile healthcare van, health-screening equipment can sprout legs and walk away. Being unable to locate an important and costly piece of equipment when you need it can healthcare professionals something with even greater value than money—time. Thanks to GPS technology, healthcare professionals can know at a glance where their medical assets are without having to spend time tracking them down. In the world of healthcare, every second matters. Why not use available technology, such as a medical equipment tracking system, to stay organized and prepared for any scenario?

Get fast, accurate recovery with a tracking device for medical equipment

Imagine being able to manage, track and protect every mobile medical asset in your organization in seconds. By investing in medical equipment tracking, this can be reality. In the event of loss or theft, you can quickly and safely recover your assets with unmatched accuracy, thanks to dual-location technology that uses both GPS and cellular tracking. By installing a tracking device for medical equipment on each of your organization’s assets, you can have peace of mind that both your staff and your patients will have what they need, when they need it.

A smart medical equipment tracking solution can save you a bundle

With its slim profile and compact size, a battery-powered GPS device can be easily and discreetly installed on just about any piece of medical equipment that needs tracking. Best of all, installation takes only seconds to complete before you are able to begin tracking your assets.

Be sure to opt for a GPS tracker for medical equipment that features advanced lithium-battery technology, because this allows the device to work longer without needing to be charged. Whether you choose to check in on your assets twice a day with the battery-saving endurance mode or you require the full-power mode for immediate location data, opting for a device with multiple power modes can help you extend the life of the battery.

PassTime's InTouch VP makes an ideal medical equipment tracking system. Here's how.

With our state-of-the-art wireless GPS tracking solutions, PassTime continues to innovate with industry-leading technologies. Our InTouch VP system works in tandem with Encore, our proprietary battery-powered GPS technology, to bring you the critical insights and tools you need to protect your investments. Here's how:

InTouch VP

  • Simple and reliable asset-tracking system for medical equipment and more
  • Get real-time views of your assets via our smartphone app
  • Can be resold to provider lessees by medical equipment leasing companies for additional revenue


  • Fourth, battery-powered GPS device
  • Ultra lightweight, compact design for discreet installation
  • Dual-location technology with Beyond GPS™
  • Installs in seconds
  • Long-lasting 5+-year lifespan
  • Advanced lithium battery with low power consumption
  • Four power modes that allow you to track assets twice a day or at full functionality for real-time tracking and recovery

PassTime is here to offer healthcare professionals and medical equipment dealers an affordable, smart way to protect their assets. Our wireless GPS tracking solutions help those in the healthcare industry prevent loss and combat theft. Contact us today to learn how we can provide peace of mind and protection for your potentially life-saving equipment.

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