PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

3 Reasons Why It's Time to Go Beyond GPS

June 28, 2023

GPS-based asset-tracking systems have revolutionized the ability for people and businesses to keep track of their mobile assets. But even GPS has its limitations, which can affect the ability to locate, monitor or recover assets in certain situations. Dual-location technology combines GPS with cellular location-tracking technologies to take asset tracking to the next level.

Here are three reasons why using dual-location technology could provide you with more accurate asset tracking and reduced operational cost.

1. Locate assets even when GPS is unavailable

Have you ever been unable to locate assets using a GPS asset-tracking device? GPS is a time-tested and reliable technology, but it requires a clear line of sight with satellites above the earth. Obstructions between the asset you want to track and the satellites above, such as a parking garages, dense urban areas with a lot of buildings close to one another, or even cloudy weather in some instances can interfere with GPS signals and the ability to get location information.

PassTime’s Beyond GPS™ addresses the limitations in GPS technology by adding a secondary location technology: cellular location technology. This dual-location can provide critical location data even when a GPS signal is unavailable. By leveraging 4G and 5G cellular networks to obtain location information , you can acquire an asset’s location even when GPS-only tracking coverage is unavailable. This cellular-location technology shines even in densely packed urban areas and on overcast days.

2. Improved reliability

GPS location technology is very reliable and typically accurate to within 13 feet on average, but a number of factors can interfere with reliability. When a GPS signal is unavailable, an IoT device which relies on that signal cannot get updated information.  In the best case, the device may send its last known location data, but the reliability has been compromised. Alternatively, cellular-location technology triangulates location from a collection of cellular-network access points based on signal strength. This technology is especially useful in improving device reliability in urban areas and indoors where there are many obstructions to GPS Signals. IoT devices that have the ability to utilize both GPS and cellular location technology are exponentially more reliable with providing current location data.

3. Increased device longevity

Instead of straining for a signal when GPS coverage is compromised, IoT devices with dual-location technology seamlessly switch from GPS to cellular location as needed. This is especially crucial with battery-powered devices where every second of battery life is important. Devices which are continuously attempting to get GPS signal locks may use more power and those reporting outdated GPS location data use battery life with no benefit to the user. Devices with dual-location technology can quickly identify when a GPS signal is unavailable and switch to cellular location technology instead of attempting to get a GPS fix over and over, saving vital device power. 

Boost your asset-tracking coverage and uptime with PassTime’s Beyond GPS™

PassTime Beyond GPS is a dual-location technology that expands asset-tracking system coverage, reliability and device longevity. Beyond GPS uses advanced cloud-based cellular location technology to keep tabs on your fleet, cargo and other assets. When you initiate a location request via your mobile app or online management system, Beyond GPS-powered devices will automatically determine the availability of GPS and leverage 4G or 5G cellular infrastructure to obtain a location.

Beyond GPS is built into third-generation Encore devices, which are battery-powered, ultra-compact and take seconds to install. Encore devices featuring Beyond GPS use 4G networks or 5G-compatible, LTE Category M1 networks to harness the expansion of ultra-fast cellular technology and supplement GPS coverage for improved fleet management, more accurate asset tracking and reduced operational cost. With four different power modes and a choice of features and reporting frequency, you can optimize battery life—or plug in with the optional USB-C power cord to focus on performance.

Beyond GPS dual-tracking capabilities are integrated into all new Encore devices. Look for Beyond GPS in other PassTime devices soon.

Experience the advantages of enhanced simplicity, reliability and service with PassTime’s Beyond GPS. Get a quote today.

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