PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions
PassTime GPS Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

Why These 5 Industries Need a Wireless Asset-Tracking System

March 29, 2023

Why These Five Industries Need a Wireless Asset-Tracking System

The automotive industry has long leveraged the power of GPS to track assets on and off the lot. With battery-powered asset-tracking systems now available, it’s high time other industries take advantage of this powerful technology. Here are the five industries that could benefit most from adopting wireless asset tracking systems and why.

1. RV and camper dealers, owners and renters

With battery-powered asset tracking and a cutting-edge management system, RV, camper and trailer dealers, owners and renters can protect their assets, investments and improve operations.

  • A dual-location, wireless device uses both GPS and cellular-location technology to track your RV, trailer and camper assets just about anywhere on the planet—whether stationary or in transit, in the open air or undercover.
  • A location-based asset management system can give you real-time insight into your RV, trailer and camper inventory at the dealership, helping ensure you know exactly what you have and where it is. Quickly lead your customers to the vehicle or trailer they want to see and protect yourself against theft off the lot.
  • Protect your financed assets using a GPS or location-based asset management system. Offering financing for RVs, campers, and trailers comes with its share of risk. Keep track of your assets and protect yourself against defaults and delinquencies.

2. Agricultural and landscaping companies

Whether you want to track trailers, equipment or both, an asset-management tracking system using battery-powered GPS devices can give you the insight you need to locate your agricultural and landscaping vehicles and equipment nearly anywhere—whether in storage or in the field—in real time.

  • Protect your investments, especially trailers and flatbeds which can be easily stolen. Battery-powered GPS with dual-location technology makes it a breeze to recover lost or stolen assets in no time—even in places GPS can’t reach, like garages or warehouses.
  • Discover where assets are being underused, so you can increase efficiency and effectiveness across a single location and/or between multiple sites.
  • Stay on top of inventory and maintenance efforts with a turnkey solution that gives you all your asset data in one easy-to-use platform.

3. Construction

Technology continues to transform the construction industry for the better. An asset-tracking management system that uses wireless GPS devices can help you reduce costs while improving productivity. Use it for heavy equipment, dumpsters and more.

  • Keep tabs on expensive heavy equipment so you can move it between job sites quickly and keep projects running on time and budget.
  • Better gauge your use of roll-off dumpsters across a single or multiple job sites with a battery-powered asset-tracking system so you can maximize your use of dumpsters, especially with valuable recyclable items like copper or steel.
  • Protect even your non-powered equipment with battery-powered GPS that is small and easy to place. An asset-management tracking system helps you pinpoint the location of your entire equipment inventory across job sites.

4. Healthcare

The costs for medical devices can quickly add up for primary care, outpatient and hospital providers. These devices can cost anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars each. Healthcare administrators and manufacturers need to know where their medical devices are to both protect their inventory and ensure devices are being used to their full productivity.

  • As more medical devices become portable, the chances of these assets going missing increases. You can prevent expensive devices from getting lost or misplaced by human error and minimize the risk of deliberate or accidental theft with battery-powered GPS devices and an asset-management system.
  • With an asset-management tracking system that uses wireless, dual-location devices, you can pinpoint where your device is anywhere in your facility. This gives you the opportunity to reduce the quantity of devices you may need while helping to maximize their usage throughout a facility.

5. Boat dealers, marinas and storage facilities

Boat theft and fraud, not to mention natural disasters, make managing boat inventories critical for the marine industry. Leveraging wireless GPS with a sophisticated marine inventory-management system can help dealers, marinas and storage facilities better protect and retrieve assets whether on land or sea.

  • Whether you are managing your on-lot inventory or financing boats, an asset-management system using battery-powered GPS will give you pinpoint location technology of each of your assets.
  • If you’re storing boats on the water, you’ll be able to see how much of your inventory could be at risk with a coming storm so you can better prepare in advance.
  • If you’re storing boats on land, you’ll have peace of mind knowing where your assets are, even in places GPS can’t track, when you use dual-location wireless tracking devices.

6. InTouch VP with Encore—a winning combination

PassTime’s InTouch VP platform gives you a bird’s eye view of your inventory coupled with real-time insights to help you better manage your assets, your workflows and your bottom line. InTouch VP utilizes Encore, the revolutionary battery-powered, dual-location tracking device, makes it possible to track just about any asset anywhere on the planet.

This cutting-edge software service helps you mitigate theft and loss anywhere in the country on any asset type from ultrasound machines to sailboats, hydraulic shears to flatbed trailers, harvesters to pontoons. Send alerts with our app-based system for transparent and effective communication. Move assets throughout your location or from one location to another to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness by minimizing equipment downtime. Use our mobile app to notify customers of critical maintenance milestones. This enhances the customer service experience, helping you help customers extend their asset’s lifetime with preventive care, which are essential for RVs and boats.

Encore fits in the palm of your hand, can be installed in seconds and boasts up to 4 years of battery life. Multiple power modes coupled with a 5G-compatible cellular network helps to extend longevity. Because Encore is powered by Beyond GPS™, you can track assets even where GPS alone can’t; like garages, warehouses and parking structures thanks to cellular-location technology.

With PassTime’s unparalleled customer service, record of reliability and innovative approach to asset tracking, you have a partner who puts you and your business first. Find out how InTouch VP can transform your inventory management today with Encore, tomorrow’s must-have battery-powered GPS device.

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